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Silver Appenzellers at Brambles Special Breeds

The Silver Appenzeller

Very rare birds originating from Switzerland which can be silver spangled or gold spangled or black. They take their name from the region of Appenzellerland because of their crest pointing forwards where the ladies of traditional clothes wore bonnets with similar plumage. They are quite good fliers and like to roost in trees, an aviary would probably suit them best, so that they can roost higher up. Their eggs are white and they are excellent layers.


Silkies at Brambles Special Breeds


Silkies are a variety of chicken believed to have originated in eastern Asia. Silkies generally have a fluffy appearance due to their feathers lacking functioning barbicels; essentially, all their feathers are very much like down. They have black skin and bones and 5 toes instead of the normal 4. In addition, Silkie hens make wonderful mothers. Their broodiness makes them a poor breed for egg production, and their dark skin makes them difficult to market as meat birds in Silkies at Brambles Special BreedsEurope and America.

Their unique appearance and their quiet temperament mean they are often kept as pets. The hens easily become broody, laying only a dozen or so eggs before attempting to hatch out their clutch... Silkies are near-unique among chickens: both skin and bones are black. Black skin is found in only Silkies and some rare breeds.

Welsummers at Brambles Special BreedsWelsummers
In my opinion this breed lay the tastiest eggs. They are medium in size and are a rich dark brown. They really are the typical farmyard chicken to look at, very hardy and excellent foragers if free range.
These are classed as a “Rare Breed” and are quite hard to get hold of, but are well worth the wait just for their eggs.

Buff Orpingtons at Brambles Special BreedsBuff Orpingtons
Colours come in Buff, Black, Blue and White, the Buff being the most sought after.
Large soft feathered bird with a very docile nature; they are good brooders and make excellent mothers.
The breed is adaptable to free range or confinement, very docile and easily handled.
Their eggs are medium to large light brown.
As a dual purpose bird, it was formerly used for meat.

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