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Nankins at Brambles Special BreedsNankins

The body is a buff color, with black main tail feathers. Comb may be single or rose and legs can be blue or white. Again the Nankin is a true bantam, although they tend to be fliers and given the chance will quickly jump out of their pen. They are hardy and the mothers are good brooders and like the Pekins make excellent mothers. They lay a small creamy white egg, and are good layers.



Lavender Pekins at Brambles Special Breeds

Lavender Pekin

Pekins are the true bantams originating from China, the original colour was known as buff with the popular lavender originating from Holland. As they are so tame with a fluffy appearance they make wonderful pets for children and adults alike. They do not fly but use their wings to bounce along the garden. They make excellent mothers becoming quite broody, this picture shows how well she looks after her brood and even the father is very protective. I would definitely recommend them for the first time buyer. They tend not to lay eggs in the winter but as soon as the days become longer she will increase her laying. When she has around 10 eggs the mother will sit on them for three weeks hardly moving except for a little food and water until all her chicks are born.



Silkies at Brambles Special Breeds


We breed bantam frizzles with a variety of colours ranging from pure colours such as white/buff/black/ and a mixture of buff & white and black & white. We have a choice of flat coated frizzled and over frizzled. Some look like they have had a bad hair day!! the male being abundantly more frizzled than the female, again an excellent choice for the first time buyer as they are friendly easy to handle and a great conversation piece. They are hardy birds therefore its suitable to live outdoors and free range. The frizzle is an excellent table bird but will produce lots of very tasty buff coloured eggs.



Sebrights at Brambles Special BreedsSebrights

A very difficult bird to breed from I've had no eggs since purchasing the trio last year and therefore wouldn't recommend them to the beginner. Having said that they are hardy but like space to strut around and forage. The silver variety which I have is very striking as the feathers are white but edged in black known as lacing.



Silver Partridge at Brambles Special BreedsSilver Partridge Pekin

This is another variety of the lovely Pekins, the male silver partridge has a silver white down the neck hackles and across the shoulders with stripes down the centre of each feather. The female is a light silvery white with each feather striped in the centre with black and the remainder goes to a light silver colour.

Mottled Pekins at Brambles Special BreedsMottled Pekin
Both cockerels and hens are jet black, with white spots, although the degree of mottling is varied.
A very pretty bird, with the black feathers, all the Pekins have a very quite nature and are good for handling with children, and can live in confined space.
They lay well with one small cream egg daily.

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