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Angora Goat from Brambles Special BreedsThe name mohair is derived from the Arabic word "Mukhayyaar" and the name Angora comes from the Ankara region on Turkey .Originating from the Middle East and taken to Turkey in the 16th century where they were kept for their highly prized fleeces and used to cloth the Royal household. 150 years ago they were exported to the USA and South Africa, since then these two Countries have provided most of the world production of mohair.

The angora is a small animal compared to a sheep, however mature bucks can weigh as much as 250lbs.The average weight of an adult goat is 40 kilos and a yearling 20-30 kilos.
Mohair qualities cover a very wide range, from the finest soft Kids (baby) at 24 microns to stronger Adult at 38 microns.  The versatility of the fibre enables it to be used in many guises from Knitwear to Suits, Coats, Scarves, Shawls as well as articles such as Blankets, Curtains and Furniture coverings.  Its excellent absorption and shrink resistant properties make it highly suitable for Socks and it is also used to produce high quality Carpets, Rugs, Ties and Hand Knitting Yarns. It is well known for its brilliance and excellent dying properties which coupled with its other unique characteristics attracts it to designers and the discerning buyer everywhere throughout the world.
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