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Breeding usually starts between the months of August to the end of November; they usually have singles but don't be surprised when you get a set or two of twins. I have the goats put into their own pens around 4-6 weeks before giving birth as this ensures they get the correct amount of food and are not bullied by any other goat as sometimes happens.

The goats are vaccinated and wormed before they give birth and the kids are vaccinated. at 8 weeks. Any male kid goats which are not required for future breeding are usually castrated around 5-10 days old. Otherwise you could try selling them as future breeding stock from around 16months old. However, wethers (castrated males) make wonderful pets and company to other animals.
Our breeding programme will start from September, if you wish to bring your does to our smallholding please contact me to make arrangements.
Our stud fees - £100 per doe plus £6.00 per week for their keep and feed.

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