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Angora Goat FleeceMohair is considered very valuable as an upholstering material where strength, durability are desired. Mohair dyes very well plus it has a strong fibre and considerable lustre. The goats are sheared every six months or when their staples are around 5-7 inches in length depending what they are being produced for.

Whether you wish to have a go at spinning yourself and selling home produced garments, alternatively you can sell your fleeces to companies that can offer you the best market price. Kid fleeces being worth more, producing the finest and softest, followed by the young goat (between 1&2 years old) also having good length, lustre with softer handle. This type of mohair is used to produce luxuriously soft garments for babies and the discerning buyer of high quality blankets, throws shawls and wraps.

Adult mohair produces from goats over two years old still produce good length and lustre where their fleeces can be used to make rugs and carpets etc.
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