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 We invested in four angora kids in 2000, and due to lack of funds we built our own goat house (which still stands even if it is a bit rickety) but they now have the use of a large barn.

There have been lots of lessons learned and tears as well as smiles but we wouldn't change anything because it's been a fantastic journey so far. There's always something to do especially if you decide to go into breeding, with extra feet to trim, vaccinations through to mucking out their bedding, which can be exhausting work. Then the reward is when they come and sit on you lap and start nibbling away at your hair and lick your face. So there's no need for a face wash!

We joined the British Angora Goat Society and all our goats are registered unless they are castrated males and therefore will not be used in a breeding capacity. We generally have stock for sale;

As they are in high demand and therefore sold very quickly any serious purchaser will need to place a deposit. We do not sell single goats as they are a herding animal and need to be kept with a minimum of two. The kids do not leave their mothers until properly weaned unless being sold together. The prices vary on male or female and if you are intending to breed yourself the quality of the goat and its fleece varies for each one.

You also have a choice on what type of stock you purchase (i.e. Accredited or Non-Accredited stock). Brambles goats hold the CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis) accreditation. This means they are free from a viral disease which is detected by a blood test.

Once you have decided to buy Angoras you then need to decide if you are going to buy accredited stock. The difference is that you have to keep your accredited stock double fenced to ensure that your goats do not come into contact (cannot touch nose to nose), with any other non-accredited goat or sheep. This is confirmed by an initial blood test and twice yearly test thereafter which should be organised with your veterinary clinic.

Anybody who is interested in purchasing Angora goats or would just like to come and see these lovely gentle creatures can contact us any time. We are always willing to show them off. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
Below are pictures of just a few of our kid goats born recently and as you can see they are adorable with the cutest face.
Brambles Angora Goat Kids from Brambles Special Breeds
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Member of the British Angora Goat Society (BAGS).
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